Minimalist Web Browser ‘Min’ Sees New Release

Min browser is a quite minimal streamlined web browser that is built on the Electron framework and is written entirely with CSS and JavaScript; the web app is completely open-source  and it describes itself as “a smarter, faster web browser”.

Min Browser 1.4 is now Smarter

the min web browser with tabs open on ubuntu desktop

The browser focuses particularly on distraction free web-based working as it doesn’t have that many features. And even though the most recent release doesn’t change that fact, it comes having better power-browser efficiency.

However, two major features have been added to the existing feature set which includes tab tasks, focus mode and a built-in reading list.

Full-text search

Any page can have its full text searched now. This feature may not be ideally for everyone because it implies that each page you visit is automatically saved. Search results are shown in the search bar along with other history results.

Browser actions

Min browser offers a variety of common and customizable keyboard shortcuts for opening new tabs and navigating the web.

Browser actions work the same way DuckDuckGo’s !bangs do. Type “!” followed by the command you want in the search bar and you’ll see a helpful list of suggestions in the dropdown :

  • !back – go back
  • !clearhistory – clear all history
  • !forward – go forward
  • !movetotask” – moves the current tab to a task
  • !newtask – creates a new task
  • !screenshot – take a screenshot of the current tab
  • !settings – open settings
  • !task – switch to a task by number or by name; e.g., “!task 1”, “!task shopping”, etc.

Other changes include:

  • Bug fixes
  • Latest version of EasyList
  • Updated to use Electron 1.2.7
  • Yandex added to search engine options

Download Min 1.4 for Ubuntu

Min is free to download and it is available for all the major OSes, including Ubuntu. Pre-packaged binaries can be found on the project’s GitHub pages here for 64-bit and here for 32-bit systems.

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