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deepin file manager

Today has seen the unveiling of the new File Manager by the Deepin team which is a new app called, quelle surprise, “Deepin File Manager’ and it looks a lot more on flick and neater than Kim K’s hair on a Friday night out.

Deepin uses the power of Google Translate to describe its file manager as having a “minimalist, flat style with a simple, elegant look”. They went o to say that…

It follows the classic file manager design and layout, simplifies user operation and introduces new features. Clear navigation bar, search box, a variety of views and sorting options you view and manage your documents in the way that suits you, to give you a better experience!”.

The app’s breadcrumbs bar substitutes for an editable location field when clicked and similarly, clicking the toolbar search button will turn the breadcrumbs bar into a search box.

deepin file manager

There hasn’t been any announcement as to when users will be able to get the new file manager r even how – all we know is that if there is already information out there then Google is mistranslating it.

It is possible to install the whole Deepin Desktop Environment (including its core apps) on Ubuntu because Deepin is based on Ubuntu. And although it’s not recommended since it comes with its own caveats, but it can be done.


I’ve reached out to Deepin for more details and will update this post when/if I hear back,

Deepin has always tried to be unique in their presentation which has helped it create its own identity, app store, its own desktop shell, default apps, and UX

Is Deepin’s updated look able to convince you to switch from Nautilus? Many of us here are hardcore Nautilus fans – but anyway, share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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