Canonical is Ubuntu’s parent company and they have dedicated a lot of effort into popularizing Linux. You might not like Ubuntu but you cannot deny that it has helped to make “Linux for human beings” – given that Ubuntu and its derivatives are the most used Linux distributions.

Canonical has put up a website where people can use a demo version of Ubuntu in an effort to further popularize Ubuntu Linux more- thereby allowing users experience the look and feel of Ubuntu, and in turn, help users make a decision about using Ubuntu for new users easily.


Ubuntu online tour

Some may argue that a live USB of Ubuntu will be a better method to go about this idea since it provides a far better experience without installing and we agree; but remember that it takes effort to download the ISO, to create a live USB and to change boot configurations before eventually getting to use the live USB to experience. Not everyone will be willing to do that so an online tour is a simpler way out.

So, what can users do in this online Ubuntu demo tour? Not much.

A user can browse files, experiment with Unity Dash, experience Ubuntu Software Center and even simulate installing a few apps, browse the File Manager, etc. That’s all you will be able to do and in our opinion, it’s not just nifty but it also does what it was built to do; which is to provide a quick look at this popular OS.

Ubuntu online demo

Ubuntu online demo

If you know anyone who would like to experience Linux before installing it then you can send him this link.

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