ArchStrike Is The Latest Linux Distro For Ethical Hackers. This Is Why



We are sure that both white hat hackers and security researchers alike were overjoyed as the first ISO release of ArchStrike Linux distribution was announced.

ArchStrike is the before-called ArchAssault Linux distro that is based on the highly lightweight and customizable Arch Linux distro and the developers have announced that they have now made available, ISO images of the OS as the official installation channel. If like us, you are in the habit of trying out new things then you can go ahead to test the latest ArchStrike for hackers by downloading ArchStrike 2016.07.21 ISOs for 32-bit and 64-bit CPUs.

Because the development team closely follows Arch Linux standards to make the packages clean and easily maintainable, you can easily install and remove ArchStrike since it is basically a layer on top of the Arch Linux distro.

Over 1,200 Pen Testing Tools

In adherence to the hacker culture, the newly released ArchStrike ISO images are loaded with over 1,200 penetration testing tools that are open source and free – thereby allowing everyone to use them and improve the security of their infrastructure.

For an easier installation process, there is a graphic installer. Note that root login has “root” set as both the password and username. If you are a standard user then use “archstrike” as your username and password.

These ArchStrike ISOs use lightweight OpenBox window manager which can be you can boot using USB flash drives or DVDs after you download them.

When you end up giving this Kali Linux alternative a try do tell us about your experience in the comments section below.


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