Improve Location Detection With This Simple Weather Indicator App


Do you remember the simple weather indicator application we wrote about sometime last month? We are guessing you liked using it; and If you did indeed then you will love its most recent release.

Indicator Weather  has just received it’s latest update, 0version 0.5 brings which comes along with an improved location detection accuracy – a fix to what was arguably the biggest issue users witnessed in the previous release).

It’s detection accuracy is a lot better now, and for people living in areas in where the location detection is too off, like in Frakknows or Nowheresville for example, they can now manually enter co-ordinates (i.e. longitude, latitude).

The new version also comes with other changes including a configuration file with which American readers can set temperatures to display in Fahrenheit (personally we think the Celsius scale is a lot easier to understand), and a new preferences menu.

Downloading Indicator Weather 5.0

Don’t forget that this application is a simple weather applet for users who want a minimalistic work flow with a beautiful interface.

It is interesting how a lot of people feel uneasy (sometimes even creeped out) when they discover apps try to detect their location (especially without GPDS access), leading to them to pick from a selection of meteorological centers that they can use on their desktops.

Anyway, hopefully, you are not as scared as they are and will be willing to test Indicator Weather’s latest improvements. You can install it on any Ubuntu version from 16.04 LTS and above via its simple-to-use installer and don’t forget to tell us about your experience in the comments section below.


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