Customize Your GIMP Loading Screen With Custom Eye Candy Splashes

GIMP Splash Screen

Gimp is a very famous photo editing tool usually used as an alternative to Photoshop in many cases. On start-up, tit displays a small loading screen with a short status message as the program loads all of its components, dependencies, and plugins.

It wouldn’t be wrong to ay it has a decent-enough default loading image but many users have left it that way because they don’t know that they can change the loading screen to virtually any image of their choice. Perhaps, you too are one of them.


Gimp Splash Collection

Over the years many open-source design enthusiasts have created thousands of replacement GIMP splash screens and a quickly querying Google image search will load tons of them but they aren’t all that nice.

That’s why we will be showing you how to make use of a pre-made pack called “GIMP Splash Collection“ – it contains 12 splash screen replacements for GIMP and each image is not just colorful but also creative; helping add a little more personality into the premier image editing tool.

When you have this collection installed GIMP will automatically and randomly select an each time it starts – so the more variety you have the more variety you’ll see at each startup. Awesome!

Changing the GIMP Splash Screen


1. Create a new folder called ‘splashes’ inside the  ~/.gimp-2.8/ directory in your Home folder.

Don’t forget that in order to view hidden files and folders (always prefixed with a period) you need to press Ctrl + H.

2. Download the ‘GIMP Splash Collection’ from

3. Extract the archive and move (or copy) the splash screens inside into the ‘splashes’ folder you created in step 1.

And that’s it. Open GIMP and it will show one of the above stylish splash screens.

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