Integrates Firefox With Your Unity Desktop With This Add-On

Not too long ago while we were downloading an update for a couple of applications on our system we discovered that there is no easy way to see the download progress on Unity Launcher in Ubuntu’s Unity desktop.

Funnily enough, it was once possible to get such live updates o the Unity launcher; now it seems the UnityFox extension is what we will have to use and the add-on on its own isn’t that good, but it now has a better update.

Introducing UnityFox Revived Add-On

unity firefox launcher integration

The UnityFox Revived add-on is the version of the old (and once sucky) UnityFox add-on – and it is being developed by two guys: Chris Coulson and Lockal.

Even better: it’s a ‘no reinstall’ add-on, so you can enable it while you’re mid-download and get an instant Launcher-based status update.The revamped add-on works on Firefox v39 and all higher versions as well as Unity running on Ubuntu 15.10 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. According to the developers (in their developer notes), the add-on will work with any desktop environment in which Unity launcher’s DBus API is implemented.

It doesn’t end there. UnityFox Revived also has support for KDE Plasma 5.6 (and all higher versions) wherein the progress and download count are shown inside the window list item for Firefox on the Plasma Panel, and on the eye candy desktop dock app ‘Plank’.

You can test the Unity integration for yourself by installing the add-on from the Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons repo and don’t forget to leave comments on your experience with the add-on behind.

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