Ubuntu 16.10 Users Can Now Easily Install The Arc GTK Theme

ARC Gtk Theme

Here’s a little dose of news for fans of GTK themes who also like convenience.

If you, like many of us at Ubuntu Next, love the Arc GTK theme but aren’t in love with the fact that you will need to searc for an install package every single time you perform an Ubuntu fresh installation then you are in luck because Ubuntu 16.10 will be due for release in October 2016 and you will love it.

“Why?” you may ask, because the slick Arc GTK theme is now freely available at the Universe repository to install on Ubuntu 16.10 – making the whole installation process on your desktop easy. All you have to do is open your Ubuntu Software appliaction, search for the Arc theme and hit install and that will be all.

No OpenSUSE repositories, no manual tar.gz extraction, no PPAs – just a stylishly modern theme ready to polish things up when you are (oh and it ow has GTK 3.20 support).

All the three versions of Arc are included to allow users who aren’t fans of the light look (per say) to work with the Arc dark version or the Arc darker of the theme.

If you’re a hardcore Ubuntu user and are already running Ubuntu 16.10 Daily then you can just install Arc right now by running the following line of code in a new Terminal window:

sudo apt install arc-theme

To all the Xenial Xerus users: don’t worry. We have an article on how to install the latest Arc theme on Ubuntu 16.04 coming soon. Just stay tuned.

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