Hedera: The New Linux Icon Theme That It is Based on an Old One


Hedera a new theme for Linux whose icon set is based on the Tango project.

The desktop project had an aim to create a consistent and comprehensive set of icon guidelines for use by open-source software and it was quite successful because a lot of app developers adopted its style and it shipped by default in various Linux distros and desktop environments.

A good examle is the Humanity icon set that Ubuntu still uses today, but as modern icon sets like Fenza and Elementary became popular, Tango ran out of fashion.

Introudcing Hedera

Hedera’s author describes it as “a classic icon theme in the spirit of Tango!”, and we agree.

It features bright, small, colourful icons without distinct borders. And because the icons are small they render quickly.

The hedera theme pack features ‘4200 common icons in most common sizes’ and has been tested with Plasma 5, Xfce 4.12, KDE3/4, LXQt and LXDE, MATE & Enlightenment. It has not been tested with Unity yet so bear that in mind if you plan on giving it a try.

Head over to the theme’s GitHub project page to get a feel of Hedera (in the spirit of Tango) on your desktop and follow the steps contained in the readme file. Pay attention to the bugs and limitations listed in the FAQ and take note of the workarounds some desktop environments need.

Hedera is not a theme that is difficult to make up one’s mind about. It is either you love it or you hate it. Let us know which side you fall on in the coments section below.

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