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Everybody knows that the open source world dreads Adobe and their products but that doesn’t take away the fact that the company has built a name for themselves and are probably the best at what they do. But we’re not here to recommend any of their products – just a bit of their style.

Adobe is known for their two lettered icons which are simple and elegant and a designer, Rohit Awate, has created similar-looking icons for a couple of Open Source creative apps like Gimp and Inkscape.

The Adobe style icons were available for only Gimp and Inkscape as at the month of April but are now available for eight more open source apps because of the positive responses he received for them. The icon suite now has support for:

Utilizing these Adobe style icons is not as straight forward as using icon themes in Ubuntu because all the applications’ icons won’t automatically change. You will have to manually edit a file for each application and we will show you exactly how to easily go about it.

The task can be done using the command line (obviously) but we will be using the GUI method for the sake of beginners.

Let’s Begin

Step 1:

Get the icons from here in a compressed zip format. Extract it to see a directory named ‘Icons’. Copy this directory into a folder with which you don’t toy around with often. Why? Because if you delete this Icons directory completely your application will be without an icon and we’re sure you don’t want that.

Step 2

Go to Computer -> usr -> share -> applications and select the application whose icon you want to change. In this guide we’re using Gimp.

adobe style applications in Linux

Step 3:

Right-click on the app and select copy. This will copy the path to the .desktop file of Gimp.

copy path to gimp desktop file

Step 4:

Enter the the command below into a new terminal:

sudo gedit <middle click and paste the copied desktop file path>

Step 5:

In this desktop file, look for the line that starts with Icon.

change icon of application in Ubuntu

Step 6:

Head over to the location in which you saved the icons, right-click on your desired icon and select copy. This will copy the path to this image file.


Step 7:

Head back to the opened Gedit file and use the copied path like so:

Icon=<copied path here>

changing the icon of an application in Ubuntu

Save the file. Log out, log back in and you’ll see that the icon (including the icon in the launcher) has been changed.

Gimp icon changed
In this tutorial the icon shows only G instead of Gi but that’s only because the icon version we used in this tutorial has a scaling issue. Luckily for you it has been fixed so you should see the correct icons.

It is always interesting to see projects like this in action so if you aything similar do share it with us.

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