Facebook’s New React.js Helps Developers Easily Create JavaScript Apps

Huge tech companies have become kind of obsessed with the Open-source as names like Microsoft and Facebook are now frequently mentioned within the FOSS realm.

Facebook have been quite active with open source software as the company’s React.js library has become a really popular means to code and create native applications for different platforms including Android, Windows as well as iOS.
Some of the hassles that developers face are the sometimes very complex JavaScript framework and to make app creation a lot easier, Facebook has launched a new tool called create React app.

The program is filed under the open-source banner and it is created to help avoid the hassle involve in the configuration of JavaScript environment as it eliminates dependencies.
Last week Facebook introduced to the public a new and open-source project it is calling Create React App at the company’s Hackathon department.

It is created to help developers in the development and deployment of new JavaScript projects as it aids them perfectly streamlined the work with a very long list of command lines.

The Create React Apps is actually the combination of three of Facebook’s best developer tools — Webpack (asset-building tool), Babel (JS compiler), and ESLint (code-linting tool).

Facebook's New React.js Helps Developers Easily Create JavaScript Apps

“We take care of updating Babel, ESLint, and Webpack to stable compatible versions so you can update a single dependency to get them all.”

This is by far not Facebook’s first foray in the open-source community as the tech company already have 50 ongoing Open source projects.

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