Libre Office 5.2 Has Been Officially Released With New Features and Add-ons

Libre office 5.2 has been in development for the past four months in which the team responsible for the development and maintenance of one of the world’s leading free, and open-source office suites has received numerous add-ons and features.

To put things into perspective some of the notable features added to the software include a new and revap user interface to make it easily accessible for the less advanced users which includes forecasting functions in Calc, the spreadsheet editor, lots of Writer and Impress enhancements, standards-based document classification.

“LibreOffice 5.2 is a significant step forward for Free Software on the desktop, and will soon be available as a full featured cloud office suite,” says Michael Meeks, a Director at The Document Foundation (TDF) and a leading developer of LibreOffice Online. “The tight integration between desktop and cloud will provide enterprises a value added experience, with the best of both platforms always available to all users.”


There were really some important features that were added to the software includes option that will surely improve users experience.

A notable mention is a single toolbar mode has been added to Writer and Calc to help users really focus on content, and some icons have been added to the default toolbars to make several frequently used functions – such as hide/show track changes, and freeze the first column or row of a spreadsheet – quicker to access. Also, most of the context menus can now be customized, for even greater control.


This is by far the biggest release from the Document Foundation for their well established cross platform document suit.

It doesn’t matter what operating system you are using, you can download the Libre Office 5.2 for Windows, Mac OS as well as Linux.

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