Canonical Makes It Easy to Port Native Apps to Ubuntu Mobile OS Using React Native

When Canonical announced its very own Linux-based mobile operating, it knew it is going into a very hard battle. In an arena already dominated by Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS mobile platforms, bringing in something new and very different from what people are already familiar with is by no means not an easy task. To shift the balance in its favour, Canonical needed something remarkably compelling that even avid Android or Ios users will jump ship without a second thought.

Following news about the software company’s revelation when it was preparing to launch one of its most talked about Ubuntu desktop operating systems Xenial Xerus, a lot of attention was given to how to completely integrated both Desktop and Mobile platforms into one fully functional operating system where it is easy to switch between mobile and desktop mode called “Convergence.”

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It would appear though that “Convergence” is just one of many game-changing cards that company is holding as it announced React Native web development framework for developers looking to build apps for both the Mobile and Desktop Linux-based operating systems.

“Application development for mobile and desktop using web technologies is becoming increasingly popular. If you are one of these developers then Ubuntu has a great choice of frameworks you can use to create new apps,” says Richard Collins, Ubuntu Mobile Product Manager at Canonical. “The Web apps team at Canonical is always focused on ensuring the right frameworks are available to developers.”


React Native is web development Framework is designed and built to enable developers to create Native apps using JavaScript.

The company wants to give developers a cleared runway where the creation and deployments of apps to its OSes is a hassle-free work.

Both Apple and Android draw must of their strength from the amount of the apps available in their respective App Stores and to match that or even try to top it will require Canonical to create a flexible development framework for people that actually build these apps.

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