Canonical Ubuntu Linux Professional Support Now Easily Accessible to Anyone

Canonical is one of the leading software firms when it comes to free and open source software distributions among individuals and businesses of all types.

Through the company’s Ubuntu Advantage Program, Canonical is looking to provide professional support for small size business and those who need help in configuring and using the well-known GNU/Linux based operating system on different desktops, servers, as well as cloud setups.

Canonical is taking it further by creating a new Ubuntu Advantage Store through a new domain called geared towards allowing users of any level to be able to easily purchase or renew their UA subscriptions.
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Additionally, the service is also designed to help the different organisations manage their different Ubuntu deployments.

“Ubuntu Advantage gives the world’s largest enterprises the assurance they need for their cloud infrastructure.
These include private and public cloud users, as well as those running on bare metal. In the cloud, Ubuntu Advantage is available to customers running Ubuntu in a private cloud, or in an Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace, or Softlayer.”
UA helps organisations around the world to manage their Ubuntu deployments. It includes:
Bug fixes & security updates, documentation, manuals, AskUbuntu, Launchpad, NTP and Entropy
Landscape Management & Monitoring (SaaS Edition)
IP Indemnification, KnowledgeBase and hardening guides
Up to 24×7 phone & web support (main packages + select backports) with down to 1 hour – 1 business day response time (severity 1-4)
Some of the well-known Ubuntu Advantage customers includes Bloomberg, AT&T, Walmart, BestBuy, Ebay and so much more.

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