Meet The Better Open Source Slack Alternative: Mattermost


Every productive worker has once wished that there was a better way of coordinating team projects and not just professionals but also students. Some turn to Facebook groups platform to effect their ideas but it doesn’t always work that way as it doesn’t always cover the full scope of a project’s communication requirements.

Introducing Mattermost, a feature-rich communication platform that is not just open source but also extensible through plugins. It is built to be fault tolerant and that is a must-have for anything used by groups, especially when IT related.

The aim of Mattermost is to eredicate their ultimate competition, Slack. By supporting every single third party Slack addon and plugins with little to no modification and also providing users and maintainers with a lot more control, Mattermost is here to stay.

The messaging app supports rich text formatting, audio, video, among other attachment formats and this brings a new level of customization to messaging apps that is not typically seen in the professional community. With it users can create both multiple chat channels and one on one chat. Mattermost can fill support for multilingual character set, making it easier to attend to the needs of large teams.

It also supports archiving and searching as it places a lot of emphasis on hashtags and names which will make locating files and links an easy task. This feature is coupled with the open source PostgreSQL database which provides robust options for storage and backup.

Mattermost is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. They also have a web client so you can easily give it a try seeing as it provides all the features slack offers and even more.

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