Check out What’s New In The Newly Released Vivaldi 1.3

Vivaldi web browser just received a version update and it is now available for download.

Vivaldi version 1.3 introduces new theme options,  strengthens privacy for those making use of WebRTC features, and improves mouse gestures.

According to the CEO, Jon von Tetzchner, at Vivaldi Technologies in his press release,

“Vivaldi is all about putting the user in control.Whether it’s improving the personalization by adding custom themes, increasing privacy, or giving more options and features, we put our users first with everything we do. We want to make browsing safer, more personal, more productive and more fun for everyone.”

New Themes

Vivaldi definitely has themes as their headline feature for its latest release. Why do we say so? Check out the video below:


WebRTC enables seamless voice, video and instant messaging natively in the browser to limit its drawback of leaking your IP address, you can now turn WebRTC off and on when as you like in the latest Vivaldi release.

Other Changes include:

  • Based on Chromium 52.0.2743.117
  • Option to make the speed-dial your homepage
  • New & improved UI animations
  • Middle click paste support on Linux
  • Improved media playback on Ubuntu
  • Support for tab hibernation on Linux
  • There are now 90 mouse gestures
  • Option to expand web panel to a tab

Download Vivaldi 1.3 for Linux


Vivaldi 1.3 is available to download for free and can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms so go ahead and grab your copy of the awesme browser from their website.

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