Open Source audio editor Ardour 5.0 is released

Free and Open Source audio editor Ardour is a digital audio workstation that can be used to edit, mix and record audio and it has a core user group together with contributers consisting of both musicians and professional sound engineers. The software is about a decade old and it just received its new release with the version 5.0, which comes along with tons of major updates to its features and style.

The new release has also made it available for Windows, as it used to be available only on the Mac and Linux OS platforms.

Some New Features in Ardour 5.0

Ardour features tools that make it suitable for all your audio editing needs and even more because of the new updates that it just received. Some of them are listed below:

  • A number of GUI changes
  • Ardour is now available on Windows
  • Default built-in plugins, more can be added by users
  • Support for control masters (VCAs)
  • Tabbed user interface brings editor window, the mixer window and preferences tabs in a single window
  • Lua scripting allows you to make it your own by adding new features with scripts
  • Sidechaining and pin connections improved
  • 5 new themes
  • Inline plugin display, no more opening a new window
  • Tempo ramping is now available
  • Busses now able to handle equally well audio and MIDI
  • Multiple bug fixes

Feel free to read about all the new features in detail here.

Ardour audio editor interface


Ardour is a free software and is available for download here. However, the binaries are not free as you will need to choose one of the available subscriptions listed if you want to build the app up yourself on having access to the source code.

You can download Ardour 5.0 binaries here.


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