Canonical Has Succesffully Stroke A Deal To Bring Ubuntu Core to Intel Gateways


The much loved Canonical has teamed up with embedded solutions giant, Advantech, in order to certify the company’s Internet of Things (IoT) gateways for Ubuntu Core.

This partnership (a strategic one indeed) means users of Advantech’s Intel x86-based gateways will have a certified and fully supported Ubuntu image ready for production use.

The deal also provides users with access to a good number of services that will help fully manage the security and software of their devices.

Gateways, although they are neglected in talks of network-controlled lightbulbs and smart refrigerators, are intrinsic to the Internet of Things because they act as the intermediary man in the Internet-of-Things, ferrying data from sensors and equipment in the real world to and from data already stored (and analysed) in the cloud.

Ubuntu Core offers a versatile and secure platform through which communication can hold between embedded devices and the web of smart things.

The vice president of commercial devices operations at Canonical, Jon Melamut, says that

This partnership confirms Ubuntu Core as the operating system of choice for IoT developers and systems integrators who want to deploy products to market quickly. Ubuntu Core is Ubuntu for IoT and it provides amongst others, a production ready operating system for IoT gateways.

According to the vice president of Advantech Embedded Computing Group, Miller Chang,

This collaboration will enable us to satisfy even more customer requirements and deliver an integrated, pre-validated, and flexible open-computing gateway platform that allows fast solution development and deployment.

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