Hurray! Simplenote Is Now Open Source


Most of the time when we discuss about taking notes on the go we name apps like Evernote and Google Keep because these app have established their position as one of the most used note-taking applications and their fanbase is loyal. Users can sync and share their notes across multiple devices, paint doodles, draw sketches, and a lot more.

If you are in search of some other lightweight note-taking application that can serve as an alternative then Simplenote by Automattic, Inc. is a great (if not the best) option and the application has made itself more desirable by making becoming open source. The Windows app code was open source before now and now, so has the code for its Android, iOS, and Mac apps

This is good news for developers because they can now use the Simplenote’s code in their own applications or just modify it to create their custom version of some note-taking application. However, the server-side code of the app remains closed and in Automattic’s control.

The lightweight app comes straight out of the box with some clean features like the option to sync your notes across multiple devices, a locking functionality to secure notes, and the ability to pin and tag notes, .

Simplenote in a post wrote:

We love using Simplenote at Automattic and hope that we can build a great community of contributors from around the world to help make the apps even better.

you are at liberty to grab the code on GitHub which is licensed under GPLv2.

Do you use Simplenote? If you don’t which note-taking app do you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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