More Arc: Download Arc Theme for KDE Plasma

Not too long ago we showed you how to install the Arc theme on Ubuntu, and we also wrote on how the same theme will be available on Ubuntu 16.10 soon; how to make use of a stylish Arc VLC skin and also how someone has gone to the trouble of porting Arc to Windows 10 – an article which was posted two weeks ago.

We have still been getting a lot of queries here on Ubuntu next regarding Arc and so it is with a little hesitation that we post this Arc theme for KDE Plasma…

…but we know how much you Arc lovers will be excited knowing that this theme exists so here it is:

Arc Theme for KDE Plasma

GitHub user Alexey Varfolomeev is the designer of this theme project and right now, it is available in the Arc Dark flavor (i.e. the very dark version). The light and airy version, or the light/dark combo mix  are not available yet so you wouldn’t find them.

Anyway, if you are interested in the theme you can head over to Varlesh’s GitHub page to grab it. There are guidelines for installation and maintenance there for everyone, including the must-dos of the theme and details of a PPA for Kubuntu 16.04 LTS users.

Download your Arc Dark for KDE Plasma on GitHub

Remember to come back here and tell us about your experience after giving it a try.

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