Style Your Images In GIMP With This 22 Instagram Effects Plugins Pack

Gimp is becoming more versatile every day and that’s a good thing. If you would like your images to have the look of Instagram filters on your mobile phones today is a good day because you can now easily apply those effects to using GIMP.

That’s right. No need to continue the long process of having to send copies of each image you want to process to your smartphone or tablet, and then it run it through Instagram – just save time and use GIMP with the Instagram filters pack below.

gimp instagram filters

The download is available the GIMP Plugin Registry and it has been dubbed a ‘collection of plug-ins who can recreate (as closely as possible) Instagram’s effects”.

It contains 22 vintage photo effects, all recreations of Instagram’s infamous filters – from Mayfair and 1977 all through to X Pro II.

You won’t find newer Instagram filters on offer because the set hasn’t been updated since 2013 so we are hopeful that an update is around the corner. But nevertheless, they are still convenient to use coupled with the fact that a quick way to apply Instagram effects to any and all of your photos on the desktop GIMP is hard to beat. Download the Instagram Effects on GIMP Plugin Registry from here.

Installing GIMP Plugins on Linux


First, you will need to enable the ‘View Hidden Files’ option in your File Manager in order to install this (or any) GIMP plugin on Linux

The process is this easy if you’re on Ubuntu: press Ctrl + H.

Next, locate the ~/.gimp2.8 folder and double-click it to open it. Inside, locate the folder named ‘plug-ins‘. Put your downloaded *.py plugins after extract them from their .zip archive first.

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