Ubuntu Designers Show Off Concept Designs Coming to ‘Scopes Toolkit Cards’


Earlier in May we were able to get a peek at what the Canonical Design Team has in store for future Ubuntu systems ad at the heart of it is a new tabbed Dash browser design that doesn’t just unify but also streamlines the inconsistencies and limitations of the current Scopes design with regards to navigation.

But Scopes are nothing without cards because they are the search results and data snippets that are surfaced with a Scope – whether it is a matching application from the Ubuntu Store, a Wikipedia article on a band, or some NearBy Scope suggestions on restaurants.

The origami and paper influences of the Suru design language are to extend a lot more into Canonical’s proposed designs as layering, lighting, and an improved color palette will be used more often.

Canonical designer Alex Milazzo posted a small tease of redesigned Scopes Toolkit Cards on the Ubuntu Designers Dribbble page hinting on certain illustrations as he said:

Our objectives for this project are to design new scope cards that behave in a consistent, predictable fashion; showing a useful or timely piece of information and present information to users with a consistent look and feel across different devices, screen sizes and modes

The current Scope Cards spec already allows a lot of the information that can be seen in the image above to be displayed — but it doesn’t look almost as creative. Why they were able to enclose every image preview into the recessed ‘squircle’ design is what we don’t know.

Compare the Spotify app result card in the mockup at the beginning of this post with the current app search result card and see for yourself:


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