You Can Now Update 8bitdo’s Retro Gamepads on Linux


8Bitdo‘s awesome Nintendo-inspired retro-styled gamepads (controllers) look cool and they always get positive reviews – plus they have support for a wide range of OSes and games platforms including the ones on Linux.

If you are an owner of an 8Bitdo controller then you probably know that the company releases firmware updates for their controllers quite regularly. These updates fix annoying bugs, increase the controller’s compatibility and improve general performance.

However, it is just now that their flashing tools are available on Linux, finally joining the availability team of Windows and Mac OS X.

Enter Richard Hughes, the GNOME developer who hit the brick blocks to provide us all with support for upgrading the firmware of wireless 8Bitdo controllers on Linux.

This wasn’t an easy task because unlike a retro platforming classic where one can just hold right to get to the end, Richard had a few hurdles to jump, including custom file formats and a custom flashing protocol.

But it seems Ruchard has overcome the problem as he explains that:

The result of all this is that you can now do fwupd update when the game-pad is plugged in using the USB cable (not just connected via bluetooth) and the firmware will be updated to the latest version. Updates will show in GNOME Software, and the world is one step being closer to being awesome.

firmware updates in gnome software

Awesomely awesome! Kudos to Richard and thanks to 8Bitdo too because they are not only allowing the distribution of their firmware through LVFS but they are also open-sourcing their Windows and OS X flashing tools in response to Richard’s efforts.

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