You Will Be Able to Watch Netflix Without Plugins On Firefox 49 for Linux


Are you tired of having to use Google Chrome each time you want to check out some Netflix flicks? We’ve got good news for you:

Mozilla has plans to support plugin-free streaming for Netflix (as well as for Amazon Prime Video, and other similar services) in Firefox for Linux, starting with Firefox 49, due September 2016.

Firefox plans to remove support for NPAPI plugins from its browser in the near future (plugins that some video streaming sites rely on for playback) just like Google Chrome because HTML5 DRM provides an excellent alternative and both Netflix and Amazon Prime have switched to its use on their web clients.

The company explained earlier this year that,

Widevine support is an alternative solution for streaming services that currently rely on Silverlight for playback of DRM-protected video content. It will allow websites to show DRM-protected video content in Firefox without the use of NPAPI plugins. This is an important step on Mozilla’s roadmap to remove NPAPI plugin support.

The Google Widevine CDM (Content Decryption Manager) is already available in Firefox on Windows and Mac OS X so Linux is next on the browser’s list for support.

Downloaded On First Run

The motion is to handle Google Widevine CDM on Linux in the same way as on other platforms. That is to say, that the module is downloaded and installed when users open Firefox but is only enabled when the user first opens a site that requires it.

As a Firefox user are looking forward to this switch or will it just add to your reasons why you should move to Chrome? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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