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Canonical’s Jouni Helminen announced on August 15, 2016, that there will be major changes coming to the community developed Ubuntu Linux Terminal app and that these changes are expected to make the Ubuntu Terminal app capable of convergence – i.e. it will be easy to use on both desktops and mobile phones.

Helminen shared the new design ideas and improvements coming to the Terminal in a blog post and urged users to comment what kind of features they would like the Terminal app to have.

The Canonical design team has given customization power to the user by adopting Solarized as the default palette, bringing the app in line with its Suru design language.

The other coming changes deal with keyboard shortcuts and their customization, customization of palette colors, screen splitting, unlimited history, window transparency, and search functionality in the history.

Split screen and tabs:


Canonical is working to provide users the option to work with split screens in the terminal and this change will come along with enabling keyboard shortcuts. On the mobile devices, users will be able to access tabs through the bottom edge, just like in web browsers.

More customization and themes:

Canonical is will be giving users more control over their Terminal application by allowing them to define custom themes easily which will be by importing a JSON configuration file, theme importing, or via in-app settings using a color picker.

Easier command and shortcuts access on mobile:


Although not coming in the new future, a very much welcome addition to the Terminal will come in the form of having modifier keys (Alt, Ctrl etc.) working with the on-screen keyboard on touch devices. But till then, you can access key combos on touch via shortcuts at the screen bottom of which you have complete control over.

Contribute in Making The Terminal better

If you are interested in helping to make the community developed Terminal app project better, head over to Jouni Helminen’s blog post to read on more info on how you can contribute.

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