We were all shocked when Microsoft first announced that it is going to open source .NET and then they open sourced the code for Visual Studio, Edge browser’s Chakra Core and their SQL Server among others. The last big such announcement was when they announced Bash on Windows and it was all thanks to Ubuntu.

Now, Microsoft has done something similar by bringing their command line platform PowerShell to Linux. That’s right – PowerShell is now open source and available in alpha builds on both Linux and Mac OS.

What is Powershell?


is a task automation and configuration management framework from Microsoft, consisting of a command-line shell and associated scripting language built on the .NET Framework.

It is basically a command line framework with which administrative tasks on local and remote Windows systems (among other things) can be executed and it is tightly coupled with .NET.

It’s All for The Windows Customers

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s previous CEO, had called Linux cancer in the past but all that is a thing of that same ast now. The new CEO, Satya Nadella has said that “Microsoft loves Linux” and he is implementing new policies of which open source and Linux support are one of them.

It is gradually becoming clearer that Microsoft loves Linu because it wants to be the head of the cloud world seeing that they have put in a lot effort into Azure service. Linux support is a part of the plan to make Azure more acceptable by providing various options and Open Sourcing Power Shell is no different.

“Nadella basically told the company to talk to customers, find out what they need to succeed and give it to them.” – TechCrunch reported

Jeffrey Snover, the Lead Architect of Microsoft Enterprise Cloud group made a comment saying:

We heard that customers want to have their choice of clients, servers and clouds….We want to be our customers’ preferred partners for running their workloads and it’s in Microsoft’s and our customers’ shared interest to help them to manage everything.

Powershell on Linux

Linux already has more flexibly powerful shells at its disposal so it is quite unlikely that regular Linux users will switch to using PowerShell but anyway, that’s not the aim.

PowerShell on Linux is aimed at developers who have no choice but to usePowerShell or .NET. Installation instructions for different Linux distros have been added to its GitHub page and you can go through the list there.

getting started with PowerShell repository has been added to GitHub for beginners and there is more info available on its GitHub repository.

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