Canonical Announces The First Maintenance Release For Snapcraft 2.15 For Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Canonical seem to be working around the clock on a quest to keep the numerous promises the software company made to all it’s users about the what new technologies they should expect in the coming months as 2016 wore on.

Just last week, Canonical released a major feature of its Linux-based Ubuntu desktop operating system with the launch of Mir 0.24.0 display server for Xenial Xerus now it would appear it has finish polishing its in-house app packaging tool Snapcraft with version 2.15.1 of universal binary program now available to the public.

Canonical only recently began actively working on the tool, launching the version 2.15 of SnapCraft not long ago and now the company has announced that the first point maintenance release taking it to version 2.15.1 is  available.


The new release comes with interesting new features which we can mention the inclusion of Built in tags support for the Go Plugins which allows users to be able to set a fine grain control of parallel building per part, as well as to set constraints when using the Python2 plugin, and permits the in tree snapcraft.yaml file to also refer to external sources.

Additionally, Snapcraft now caches the packages and cache when using stage-packages, adds support for process dependency links to both Python plugins, and lets users manually select artifacts when attempting to use the Make plugin and the respective Makefile doesn’t have an install target.

Snappy Ubuntu

For those that have Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus already installed in their systems and have the previous version of Snapcraft installed, upgrading to the new version is a walk in the park because the packages already available in the repositories and all you have to do is update using these commands.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapcraft

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