3 Brand New Games Have Been Added to The Humble Indie Bundle 17


Just as we expected, more games have been brought to the Indie Bundle 17 game pack. Games will go crazy.

Backers paying more than the average price at time of purchase land the following titles, in addition the initial offering:

  • Hexcells (Complete Pack)
  • Regency Solitaire

This tactic of adding cool games to an already pleasantly packaged bundle of cool games is Humble’s oldest tactic and they sure are loyal to it – perhaps because it is obviously a good stratey to not just raise funds for chairty et all, but to also satisfy gamers.

The complete set of ‘Hexcells’ puzzle games, and meditative video game ‘Expand‘ are available to tux-toting gamers with this update.

Sadly, The ‘sumptuous solitaire game’ Regency Solitaire is not available for Linux through Steam so uers will have to nab the DRM-free download from the purchase page and install it on their Linux box the old fashioned way. Don’t be heartbroken.

These recent additions icreases the total number of indie games contaieid in this bundle to an amazing ten: Galak-Z, Lethal League, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, The Beginner’s Guide, Octodad: The Dadliest Catch, Super Time Force Ultra and, for the generous users who are paying more than $10, Nuclear Throne.

Is this a Bundle You Will Back?

From the consumer reaction we received sinnce our first post it seems the Humble Indie Bundle 17 has not been able to stir up enough excitment in the hearts of users, and it seems the recently added games might not do as much to change the situation for the better. We will just have to wait and see.

As for you, you are always at liberty to back this bundle to gift your Stream keys to a less discerning gamer and be proud that you are inn a way providing food for indie games developers and funding charity all at the same time.
If you woould like to have more details especially onn how to buy this bundle for as little as $0.01, get that info from the official Humble website.

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