Hurray! The Light Skin Spotio for Spotify’s Desktop App is Coming To Linux

spotify-for-Linux-v1Spotify has done an excellent job at making sure that the theme experience is the same irrespective of the platform the app is on. Its dark design is pretty much its identity – but that’s now about to change.

A ton of top websites, blogs, and people we follow have spent the past day going up and down over a new Spotify skin called Spotio.

As an avid Spotify listener myself (although only on the free tier, cos I ain’t made of moneyI couldn’t check it out.
So I did, but with my fingers tightly crossed that Linux support was on offer…


Spotio was created by Devin Halladay, who received inspiration to create the lighter, airy-er theme for Spotify after the famous Rdio closed.

David wrote on the Github project that “If you decided to go with Spotify after Rdio was bought but, like me, you miss Rdio’s light UI, you’re in luck—I discovered that you can skin the Spotify app with CSS”

The fact that Spotio is currently only available for macOS is the only “bad news” as the app is being re-packaged and re-distributed with the new theme assets included.

The “good news” is that Linux support will be available for the theme soon and hopefully, there will be a ready installer to download as soon as the weekend hits.

We’ll update you once we know that the Linux build is out. For now, you can download Spotio for your macOS(or just get more info) at Devin’s website. If you want to join the developer team so that it can come quicker to Linux then you can contribute to the project on Github.

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