Mozilla Launches “Observatory” — An Open-Source Website Security Scanner

The team behind the second most used web browser in the world Mozilla Firefox have started an open-source project called Observatory which is free website scanner aimed at creating a safe and secure environment for Web Admins.

The internet celebrating its 25th year has inadvertently created rush in the software community as big companies that are in the browser development business like Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla run to create and develop new security measures to prepare their respective internet portals for new threats that might arise as hideous and malicious individuals become more and more sophisticated with their attacks.

Web browser developers have always stressed the need for web admins to always employ the latest and safest security technologies available but for some reason, domain owners never really cared for them as a recent reported started that only 40% of world wide web utilises HTTP raising big security concerns.
Observatory by Mozilla

In a bid to raise awareness, Mozilla security engineer named April Night has released a new open-source project he is calling “Observatory.”

Mozilla Observatory is a free website scanning service that allows website operators to quickly analyse their conditions and know if they are not using modern security technologies or not.

“The Mozilla HTTP Observatory is a set of tools to analyse your website and inform you if you are utilising the many available methods to secure it,” read the Observatory web page.


Not only does it prepare a quick report, Observatory uses a very simple grading system that provides an instant feedback. If you are a developer or a sysadmin, Observatory also provides you links to useful documentation to help you implement these technologies.

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