The Linux Foundation Release a Report to Celebrate Linux Turning 25 Years Old

It all began with these modest words “Hello everybody out there using Minix. I’m doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won’t be big and professional like GNU) for 386 (486) AT clone,” Linus Benedict Torvalds announced his hobby in what would turn out to be one the largest software programs ever created.

Linux Torvalds went on to play a big role in what is now known as the Linux Foundation – after Open Source Development Labs merged with Free Standard Group.

Linux turns 25 as on the 25th August 25, 1991, was the day Linus Torvalds announce to the planet that he has begun work on the most- universal platform ever conceived.
Today, Linux is practically found in almost every aspect of information technology. You can find parts of Linux in each and every GNU distribution, Chrome OS, and the Android Mobile operating system.

To mark the occasion, the Linux Foundation has released a report showcasing the development of Linux Kernel and an infographic giving details about all aspects.

“Even after 25 years, Linux still serves as an example of how collaborative development can work, which can be applied to other open source projects,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director of The Linux Foundation. “This report provides insight into the development trends and methodologies used by thousands of different individuals collectively to create some of the most important software code on the planet.”

Within the report and infographic, it shows how much work is put in the platform, the amount of code and which companies are helping with sponsors.

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