Open-source ReactOS 0.4.2 Released With Unix Filesystem Support


React OS is usually considered as an open source replacement of Windows. However, we wouldn’t advice anyone to have a Windows 10-like UI and UX because what it mimics are the older Windows OSes.

Before we tell you about the latest ReactOS release let us mention that ReactOS is written from scratch and that it is not a Linux distro. In fact, it has nothing in common with the UNIX architecture. The aim of it’s development is to make an OS that is binary compatible with Windows. It allows users to run Windows apps and drivers just like on a Windows OS.


Now for the Main News

The ReactOS team recently rolled out their second maintenance update to the 0.4 series. This is coming 3 months after the release of their first maintenance update. And unlike the previous versions, this 0.4 series is a giant step northward in ReactOS’ journey.

This new release comes with tons of new features including various updated components like UniATA and Wine. The team has also enhanced the overall UX (User Experience).
ReactOS wrote on their website that:

“The project is reaching a point where rapid releases are viable, where disruption from introduction of major components or restructuring has been greatly reduced from the tumultuous early years and even as recently as the late 0.3.x series.”


One of the most interesting features in this new version comes in the form of the ability to mount and read data from Unix and Linux file systems and apart from EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, UFS, and ReiserFS, more filesystems will be added with the upcoming updates.


Just like the older Windows versions, ReactOS comes with the classic Windows desktop, Start Menu, Control Panel, and a Windows-like file explorer.


ReactOS requires only 500MB of secondary storage space and 96MB of RAM to operate, easily allowing for installation on old PCs.


If you will like to install it you will need to download the ISO file, or you can download a live session ISO and test it right away. Download ReactOS BootCD and LiveCD from here.
ReactOS is the closest clone of Windows that you can have right now, but we wonder if Microsoft will ever make an official open source version of Windows.

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