Integrate Spotify Web With Your Ubuntu Desktop Using Spotiweb

So Spotify for Linux has no longer been actively developed, and even though it receives a few minor updates every now and then such updates are only in the bits of code that the app shares with its Windows and macOS counterparts – there is no current plan for any Linux-specific improvements or features.

Maybe the desktop Linux app has already stopped working for you, if it hasn’t odds are it will break in the not-too-far future. And since there is no dedicated developer working on the program you may as well just switch to good enough alternatives.

Spotify For Web Is An Alternative

With the official web-based Spotify web player anyone can log into their Spotify account and begin streaming music irrespective of their OS platform. It is not a bad experience for an alternative to the native Qt desktop player as it offers an almost like-for-like replacement with regards to the features on Spotify.

The good news? You are not restricted to running it in a browser tab any longer because it has been integrated with the Ubuntu desktop. Read on.

SpotiWeb For Linux


Spotiweb is a Node.js/JavaScript/Electron wrapper around the official Spotify Web Player. It helps to integrate Spotify for Web with the Unity desktop (runing even in its own window) and that is its key USP.

Presently Spotiweb doesn’t integrate with the Ubuntu Sound Menu nor does it provide a system tray icon with playback controls and a ‘close to tray’ option (unlike Spotify Web Player for Linux), but at least, it offers native desktop notifications on track change and runs like a traditional app.

If you are interested in trying Spotiweb out for yourself you can grab its latest release for Linux directly from its GitHub page.

Once your download is complete, extract the archive and double-click on the ‘spotiweb’ runtime inside the Spotiweb folder to run it. Voila!

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