Meet the Light Blue Folder Icon Theme for Linux: Bellissim

Check out the image below. It’s a screenshot of Bellissim – a new icon pack for theming your Linux environment that caught our attention this morning.


The theme’s author described it as a “blue folder icon theme” – This Bellissim theme is designed for the awesome Arc GTK theme and even you can see from a single glance that we’ve got a clean icon set on our hands.

On the “downside” of things, though, it is still in its early days and so the icon set currently supports only a handful of apps; GIMP, Gedit, and Nautilus included.

It inherits its color shade from Ubuntu Mono Dark with the top panel items being light colored and most application icons e.g Firefox, Geary and Corebird, use either their stock icon or their Ubuntu variant.

Bellissim is far from complete but it sure is a promising new icon theme for Linux

If you would like to take the theme pack for a test drive yourself then you can download it from GNOME-Look right now.

You will need to manually install it once it is done downloading and you can do so by extracting the contents of the tar.gz archive and moving the ‘Bellissim’ folder to ~/.icons inside your Home directory.

Remember, that when theming your Linux Unity Tweak Tool is your friend. You will need to use the tool to apply the theme on Ubuntu. You can also use Gnome Tweak Tool.

Try out the theme and tell us what you think about it. In the meantime, if you are looking for a fallback theme, Papirus icon theme is a good idea.

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