New LinuxConsole 2.5 Now Available With Tons of Pre-installed Games

Yann Le Doaré, the developer of LinuxConsole, has announced the release of LinuxConsole 2.5 gaming distro, the lightweight independent distro that comes with both the LXDE and MATE desktop environments preinstalled. it ships with the latest technologies and after being in development for the past 1 year 2 months the latest release is finally here

This easy-to-install Linux distro is focused on children and it comes with the included Windows Installer and tons of games and multimedia software.

According to the official announcement by the LinuxConsole project, this 2.5 version is designed to be used with kids and children. The announcement reads that

“Both releases (LXDE and MATE) boots with BusyBox 1.24.2. Core software and libraries are stored into a SquashFS file system,”.

While the 32-bit release is based on Linux kernel 4.1.31 LTS and the LXDE desktop, the UEFI compliant 64-bit release is based on Linux kernel 4.4.19 LTS and comes with the MATE 1.2 desktop.

Games and software included in LinuxConsole 2.5:

With regards to the games included in LinuxConsole 2.5, there is armagetronad, aisleriot, torcs, Minecraft, megaglest, freedroidRPG, xmoto, gcompris, hedgewars, Steam, Open Arena, Tous les jeux KDE, Supertux,  neverball,  torcs, wesnoth, and astromenace.

With regards to other software for multimedia, office, educational, and productivity, this distro comes with Audacity, FreetuxTV, QjackCtl, VLC Media Player, ZynAddSubFX, FileZilla, VirtualBox, FluidSynth, LibreOffice, Chrome, Firefox, Stellarium, GUVCView, Tux Paint and Linotte.
LinuxConsole 2.5 comes straight out of the box with support for old graphics cards, and users can install new graphics cards (Nvidia, AMD, Intel) along with an existing Windows OS.

This independent Linux distro can be started from a USB disk, CD, disk drive, or network drive. Here’s a video for more details:

Downloading LinuxConsole 2.5:

You can download the 32 and 64-bit images for LinuxConsole 2.5  via the links below:

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