The New Features Coming In November 15’s Fedora 25 Linux Release

The Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Linux continues to be one of the most loved open source OSes today and that comes as no surprise seeing that it provides a cutting-edge Linux desktop experience, with each releases paving a new path for the next gen of other Linux distros.

We are all waiting for the next major version of the popular GNU/Linux OS, the Fedora 25. But before it arrives let’s take a look at its release date as well as some of the new features it will have.


Fedora 25 Release Date:

The Fedora Project decided to delay the final release of the Fedora 25 due to some major changes that thy hoped to instill in the OS, shifting its date from November 8 to November 15, as was stated in the Fedora 25 Release Schedule page.

The Alpha Release is expected to arrive on the 30th of August and the Beta Release on the 11th of October 11

Fedora 25 New Features:

One of Fedora 25’s major changes is the replacement of the old X.Org Server or X11 by Wayland. The X11 is a modern technology developed as the next-gen display server. Wayland is being welcomed by the open source community as a result of numerous security-related concerns in X11.

Another important change in is the implementation of the Storage project as a replacement for UDisks2 for editing storage disks.

Fedora 25 will come with support for installing debuginfo packages in parallel which will ease the lives of sysadmins who will now be able to detect which application is causing which problem.

Fedora 25 will also come with updated OpenJDK and Network Security Services (NSS) – Perl 5.24 and Ruby on Rails 5.0.

Other important additions will be GHC 7.0, and Unicode 9.0 support. There will also be a new Fedora Media Write in order to enable the easy writing of Fedora images to USB. Furthermore, KillUserProcess=yes will be enabled by default with systemd.

We need to make mention of other changes like Golang 1.7, an updated Erlang 19, the introduction of packages for the Rust compiler, the addition of updated Node.js 6.x, and the removal of Perl from Build Root.

We will have to wait for the final release of Fedora 25 to know better about the new features but for now, you can share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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