You Can Now Reply SMS From Your Linux Desktop With the New KDE Connect 1.0


KDE Connect is described as “the most solid yet feature-packed version we ever released,” and this its first stable release comes with a handful of new features, especially security.

The official release announcement explains that

“KDE Connect now uses TLS sockets instead of RSA private-key encryption. This is not only safer against replay and man-in-the-middle attacks, but also faster and less battery-consuming to compute on your devices.”

New Features:

You can now reply text messages from your desktop by simply clicking the (new) ‘Reply’ button when you receive a text message without the need to touch your phone completely.

KDE Connect already lets you receive mobile notifications on your desktop and now in its latest release you can receiver desktop notifications on your phone!


You will need to toggle on the feature in both the Android app and in the KDE Connect desktop app and you can go further to choose which notifications will be forwarded to your phone, if you are one who appreciates selective alerts.

One last thing you can do as a suer is trigger custom commands on your desktop from your phone for which you will need to set up the commands in the KDE Connect desktop settings before launching them using your phone. Imagine launching an apt-get update or simply sending your desktop to sleep.

Getting KDE Connect 1.0

Both Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and 16.10 offer an older version of KDE Connect viatheir archives but there isn’t any KDE Connect PPA offering the latest version for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS at the moment.

You’re in luck if you’re already running Ubuntu 16.10 because Clive Johnson offers KDE Connect 1.0 install via his PPA.

There is also the KDE Connect 1.0 source that is available to download.

You are also going to need to install the latest version of the KDE Connect Android app on your smartphone or tablet which you can get from either F-Droid and or the Google Play Store.

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