Customize The VLC Interface On Your Linux With Any Of Our Top 4 VLC Dark Themes

If VLC is not the most versatile media player then we don’t know what is – and our high regard for the app is not only due to the fact that it can play almost any file format you ask it to.

Today, we’ll be talking about VLC’s appearance. It has an okay default look on Ubuntu but you know, it inherits a few accents of whatever GTK theme is run because it is an older Qt app.

The good news is that if you would like your VLC interface to look prettier you can make it so, and we will show you our top 3 favourite dark VLC skins with a screenshot to illustrate each one.

eDark VLC Skin


The text is “Ubuntu-y” – and it’s nice. Head over to DevianArt to grab the eDark VLC Skin.


MinimalX is a flat theme with a nice layout and makes for an uncluttered app window.


Download MinimalX VLC Skin on DeviantArt

Arc Dark VLC Theme

This is a must-have if you already use the Arc GTK theme. It has been designed to be used with Arc Dark but still looks just as good when used together with the Arc Darker theme.


Download Arc Dark VLC Skin on GitHub


Yes – those are the controls you’re seeing at the top. The DarkLounge VLC skin switches things sunny side up by layering the player controls and the volume slider at the top of the window!


Download DarkLounge VLC Skin on DeviantArt

Installing VLC SkinsDarkLounge


After downloading the theme you want to use, unpack it (if a .zip, or .tar file) and move the theme.vlt to ~/.local/share/vlc/skins2.

Then open your VLC settings and navigate to .Tools > Preferences > Use Custom Skin. Switch themes by right-clicking anywhere on the skin and going to .Interface > Choose Skin.

Don’t forget to restart VLC after adding any new theme so that it can be detected and available to apply from theInterface menu.

Did our top 4 dark VLC themes include any of your favorites? Share your own favorites VLC themes with us them in the comments below.

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