Flatify Icons To Easily Improve the Look of Your Unity Desktop


Maybe you didn’t know this prior to this time but you can make the look of your Unity Launcher a lot nicer if you just took out the glossy square tile in which every app icon on the launcher is enclosed.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be – because there are several ways to achieve it and the most common method (probably because it is the easiest) is to switch to a GTK+ theme that has replacement Unity Launcher assets, of which Arc and Numix are two already popular themes that do.

But what if you want to use a different GTK theme and it doesn’t support such Unity launcher tweaking features?Well, you can use a simple script.

You should know that the script would not flatten your application icons bur rather, replace the 3D box that encloses them. It also doesn’t get rid of the active backlight for apps that are open. All that happens when you run it is it replaces the stock Unity launcher icons with flatter, non-glossy alternatives.

Downloading & Running Unity Flatify

The first step is to download the Unity Flatify Icons script from GitHub and then after it is complete extract it and enter the following in your Terminal:

cd ~/Downloads/unity-flatify-icons-master

next, run the script:

sh unity-flatify-icons.sh

On running the script you will be asked to enter your user password in order for the script to overwrite the existing launcher assets. Enter your password, log out and then log back in and voila! You’re set.

if you wold like to revert the changes use the simplest way to reinstall the Unity package. Run the command:

sudo apt --reinstall install unity

You should know that you will have to rerun the script after every Unity update that is downloaded and installed through Software Updater.

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