Taking a Quick Look at Chatty: A Java Desktop Twitch App

Chatty is a desktop app with which you can chat without the need to open the Twitch.tv website. It is stuffed with many advanced options and IRC-esque styling, and for security reasons it logs into your Twitch account via OAuth; meaning that the app never sees your Twitch password.

The app is straightforward to use: all you need to do is enter a Twitch chat channel/username and connect.


Chatty has a number of IRC-style features of which some are:

  • Keywords and username highlighting
  • See stream title and viewer count
  • Customize fonts and colors
  • Get notified when channels you follow go live
  • Follow and unfollow channels
  • Quickly open streams in your browser or via livestreamer
  • Join multiple channels

Chatty has a lot more advanced features and Streamer-orientated options. You can head over to their official website if you would like an exhaustive rundown of everything the app is capable of. You can download Chatty 0.8.3 from GitHub.

Installing Chatty on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
The fact that Chatty is a Java application means that it is cross-platform – providing users with the same experience whether it is running on a Windows, macOS, or Linux platform.

You should know though, that Chatty does not play nice with the Development kit or OpenJDK runtime available on the Ubuntu archives so you will have to use Oracle’s Java 8 JRE to run the app.

Installing Oracle’s Java 8 JRE on Ubuntu
We imagine many people prefer to install via a third-party PPA because that’s the easier method. We have our preferred way – the manual way (because it is usually error free), and we will guide you through the process.

First, download the jre-8u101-linux-x64.tar.gz from the Oracle website, extract it (using root) to /usr/java and then run Chatty by passing it to Java with the following command:

/usr/share/java/jre1.8.0_101/bin/java -jar ~/Downloads/Chatty_0.8.3/Chatty.jar

The app isn’t particularly eye candy. it even has issues with text spacing which can make reading some dialogs a pain in the neck. But hey, you don’t lose anything from giving this means of an “out-of-browser way” to chat live with your favorite Twitch streamers a try in your spare time. You might just like it.

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