Add Mac OS X’s Famous ‘Quick Look’ Feature to Your Ubuntu Desktop


It’s a fact that the icon thumbnails and metadata that Nautilus has are not always good enough for viewing files. One would like to be able to take a closer look at a photo, folder, or file to make sure it is the desired choice and the app that can help with that is GNOME Sushi.

Quick Look App for Linux

With GNOME Sushi users can add a macOS style ‘Quick Look‘ feature to GNOME’s file manager as easily as selecting a file and pressing the spacebar to see an embossed preview.

Users can also instantly view image, video, and music files preview thanks to the GStreamer framework. The Sushi app also supports file previews of most plaintext documents, PDFs, scripts with syntax highlighting, and HTML files included, allowing for an easily effective way to peek at document details.


Sushi doesn’t have all the features its model on a mac does. Take, for example, it does not update the preview if you move away to select a different file.

Installing GNOME Sushi on Ubuntu

Because GNOME Sushi is not installed by default on Ubuntu you will have to install it yourself either using the following code in your command line:

sudo apt-get install gnome-sushi

or via Ubuntu’s Software Center: Click here install GNOME Sushi.

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