Download The New Skype 1.6 for Linux – Still No Video Calls, Though


There is a new version of Skype for Linux alpha available for download but for some reason the video call feature is still unavailable.

It has been a while since the Electron-based web-wrapped app was updated but today marks a new beginning as a new version begins to roll out to users.

We suppose there has been a lot of developmental improvements to the app because according to the Skype team themselves, they are “back refreshed” from their summer holidays and are ready to provide the customers with “more”.

They say “more” but we are yet to particularly see it in reality. the latest update is what we consider as, at most, modest.

The new Skype for Linux Alpha 1.6 includes new features as listed below:

  • Paste files from the clipboard into chats
  • Option to unpin Favorites from Recent conversations
  • Message quote fix
  • Click the tray icon to open refocus the app window
  • Emoticons settings
  • ‘Under-the-hood’ stability improvements

Of course. Skype for Linux Alpha 1.6 is a free download and it supports Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and sll higher versions so you can always give it a try. Grab the latest installer directly from the Skype for Linux alpha website.

If you are already running the app on your Ubuntu desktop then you don’t need to download anything more because you will the latest updates via Ubuntu’s Software Updater within the next couple of days.

Are you happy about this latest update or are you disappointed? We doubt you will be completely disappointed though, if you are disapointed at all. Drop your feedback down below.

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