Learn How to Install Spotio On Your Ubuntu 16.04


Last week we wrote about how the Rdio-inspired light theme for the Spotify desktop apps was  coming to Linux.

A few days have passed and it has become a reality. Spotio supports Linux now.


Installing Spotio is quite a geeky process but thanks to the Spotio developers who have made things as simple as possible, we will guide you through it.

Installing Spotio on Ubuntu

Firstly, you will need to download the latest Spotio release from GitHub.

When the download is complete unzip the archive by opening your Downloads folder (or the folder you downloaded it to), right-click on the ‘spotio-master.zip’ and select ‘Extract Here’.

Next up, run the setup-linux.sh script that’s inside the newly extracted folder. This best way to do this is via the Terminal. Press Ctrl + Alt + T and enter the following command to enter the folder you extracted:

cd ~/Downloads/spotio-master

Next, enter this command to run the setup script:


The script will carry out some tasks, including downloading the latest Spotify for Linux release, unpacking it, replacing its theme/skin assets, and repacking it all into a new installer.

When it is done working, go to the ‘dist’ folder:

cd dist/

Install Spotio:

sudo dpkg -i spotio.deb

This will replace any existing Spotify version you have installed and it will be ready for use.

Enjoy your Spotify streaming service, and don’t forget to come back to tell us about your experience.

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