Intel Graphics Update Tool Has Just Added Support for Ubuntu 16.04


There is a new Intel graphics driver update tool version for Linux that is available for download.

This Intel Graphics Update Tool for Linux v2.0.2 (formerly called Intel Graphics Installer for Linux) doesn’t just have a new name as it also offers users the chance to upgrade to the  2016Q2 Intel Graphics Stack.

This drive, kernel, and module pack offer a number of improvements, including:

  • Display power saving features
  • Frame Bugger Compression on all platforms
  • Initial support for Broxton, KabyLake
  • MESA 11.2.2
  • Panel Self-Refresh on Haswell, Broadwell

According to Intel, it renamed the tool ‘in order to more accurately reflect the purpose of the tool’, since most modern Linux distros include an Intel graphics driver out of the box without the need for additional ‘installers’ .

“This tool aims to make the latest Intel Graphics Stack available before it gets officially released by Linux* OS vendors. Specifically, it benefits those Linux users of both Ubuntu and Fedora distributions wanting to update their graphics subsystems for Intel platforms.

Downloading the Intel Graphics Update Tool for Linux v2.0.2

Version 2.0.2 of the update tool has support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Fedora 24. Sadly, earlier versions of these distros are no longer supported.

For more details or to grab the latest release, Head over to Intel’s official page for more information and links to download the latest release.

Keep in mind to pay close attention to the list of known-issues and installation information on the downloads page. Do not force-install any packages. It’s a handy tool that provides you with an easy method to grab the latest intel graphics stack on your Ubuntu desktop but it can also easily break your system.

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