Introducing Kaku: A New and Fully-functional app for playing music from Youtube

Are you looking for a desktop YouTube music player that you can use your Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro you use? Well, the search will most likely end here because Kaku is on board.

See a mail we came across yesterday:

“…someone has created a new and fully-functional app for playing music from Youtube: Kaku. In fact, this app even has its own Numix icon!

Beside features available with Atraci, there’s a list of Top Ranking tracks on the Home page, and a feature called Online DJ, which enable you to share what you’re listening with other people (I haven’t check this feature out yet). You can also choose whether to backup your data to Local or Dropbox in Settings.

While the video is playing, you can view it in Fullscreen mode (which is more like Focused mode, because I can only switch to other running apps using Alt + Tab, but not Plank), TV mode (which enlarge the video to fill the whole window), cast to other device, or open the video in your default browser.”


YouTube is, without doubt, the biggest online music repository that’s available for free and so it makes for a perfect backend desktop music streaming player, which is exactly what Kaku is – a desktop YouTube music player that uses Node.js and is available for Apple’s macOS, Microsoft’s Windows, and our Awesome Linux.

It can be used to not just search for and listen to music (as well as create playlists) from YouTube, but also SoundCloud and Vimeo!

It has a minimalistic layout which allows for ease of use. What users might not like about it is the absence of customisation options, e.g., the sidebar cannot b disabled and the column widths cannot be extended.

The app also lacks desktop integration which means you will not receive notifications or find player controls in whatever MPRIS applet you usually use.

With that being said, the app has its strengths too. It has an inbuilt ranking feature for songs from all around the world which will enable you find and listen to popular songs without having to search for them. And it also has a “Reduce Bandwidth” mode which disables the distracting video playback in favor of playing only the audio track.

Basically, Kaku does what it needs to and it does it so well you should give it a try.

Here are the main Kaku Features:

  • Create and share playlists
  • Download videos
  • “Focus Mode”
  • Search for and listen to music
  • Option to disable video playback
  • Supports Chromecast
  • Supports YouTube, Vimeo & SoundCloud

Downloading Kaku YouTube Desktop Music Player

We advise that you give this awesome app a try and to do so you will have to grab the Linux binaries for 32-bit and 64-bit distributions on the project’s GitHub page.

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