Manjaro Linux 16.08 “Ellada” Is Available For Download Now With New Features


The so-called Arch Linux for human beings, Manjaro Linux, is an attractive and easy-to-use Arch-based Linux distribution that will be a good choice to make if you are planning to switch to the open source world of Linux.

The Manjaro Linux team has released Manjaro Linux 16.08 “Ellada” just after two months of development. This release is powered by Linux kernel 4.4, and most of the tools have been improved upon and polished compared to the last release.

Over time Manjaro has gotten better and established its reputation as one of the most loved Linux distros. Xfce is still Manjaro’s flagship and this 16.08 Xfce edition ships with Xfce 4.12.

The developers have worked to polish the UX on the desktop and window manager and they have made a switch to a new Vertex-Maia theme.


On the other hand, the KDE edition of “Ellada” combines a feature-rich desktop experience with Manjaro’s best tools, arriving with Plasma 5.7 desktop together with KDE-apps 16.04.

The Manjaro Settings Manager now has an improved look which makes things aesthetically better for low-resolution machines. It has an easy-to-use GUI with which you can easily install and remove different Linux kernels.


“Ellada” comes with nine kernel-series: from the latest 4.7 release to solid 3.10 series and the development team has also developed a kcm module with which MSM is integrated into the Plasma 5 System Settings.

You can find a detailed list of package changes here and download Manjaro Linux 16.08 here.

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