This Week Will See The Launch of Rocket League on Linux


Oh boy, have you been patiently waiting for it — and now it’s finally coming. 

The beta for Rocket League for Linux will launch o the 8th of September and the developer’s Psyonix say they will only support SteamOS “officially”, but the game should be able to run on any modern Linux distro that steam runs on.

Imagine Rocket League as a high-torque melee that jamss Mario Kart with Super Smash Bros via Mario Super Strikers.

It is exciting and it offers both offline and online cross-platform multiplayer game-modes.

This update for September brings a brand-new game mode called Rocket League Rumble. Described as “an epic battle royale-style addition that comes stacked with randomized power-ups”, it is certain that gamers will enjoy it.

You can watch a trailer for Rocket League Rumble below:

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