Nifty Photo Editing App For Ubuntu Phones

Native Photo Editing App: A Nifty Phot Editing App For Ubuntu Phone.

Now you can Edit your photos on your Ubuntu phone, isn’t that lovely?

Though in its early alpha stage, Instant FX for Ubuntu is as of now looking like a great application. Also, with not that many amounts of native Ubuntu applications around, everyone is really excited.

First things first, InstantFX is clearly styled around the Instagram Android and iOS application’s editing interface.

The application can import pictures using the Ubuntu content picker. This implies you can open the application, tap the camera, take a picture and edit the picture! All your pre-taken exhibition pictures are additionally accessible to use.
Once a photograph has been imported, the application offers a cropping mode. In the wake of looking over one of 8 cropping modes (including 1:1, 16:9 and original size) you can get creative!

A bundle of filters presets (all named after their Instagram counterparts) are effortlessly within reach, as are different picture editing effects, all individually adjustable:

• Adjust (working)
• Lux (working)
• Brightness (not working)
• Contrast (not working)
• Saturation (not working)
• Temperature (not working)
• Highlights (not working)
• Shadows (not working)
• Vignette (working)
• Sharpen (not working)

Both filters and effects are housed in a horizontal, swappable secondary interface beneath a feature rich sized preview window. The review is updated live as you touch, tap and flip the different effects options.

Nifty Photo Editing App For Ubuntu Phones

It’s not all that perfect to be precise, for instance, it as of now just supports portrait orientation on smartphones) and finessed tablet/desktop support would be coming soon.

Be that as it may, combined with Instagraph, an official Instagram application for Ubuntu devices, Instant FX includes a toolbox of tremendous touch-up tools for avid photographers.

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