Check Out New Features of The Latest ELEMENTARY OS LOKI Release

The fourth installation of Elementary OS, an Ubuntu-based Linux distro with the look and feel of Mac OS has just been made available for download.

codenamed Loki, this elementary OS build is based on the latest Ubuntu 16.04 LTS release. It was announced on Jupiter Broadcasting, following the trend set by big names like Apple and Google when it comes to making their release announcements.


New Features in Elementary OS

Check out the screenshots for some of the major features that are ew to the beautiful OS below:

New Indicators
The changes to indicators are the very first things to notice:


Notification Control:

Users can now control which applications show desktop notifications.




Parental Control

Loki incorporates this security feature to help make desktops child-friendly. Parents can now block websites and set log out time.parental-control-elementary-os-loki

New App Center

elementary OS has ditched the old Ubuntu Software Center in favor of a new App Center where apps are better categorized and a lot easier to navigate to. The developers claim there is an added advantage of better speed


The Terminal

elementary OS now has a cooler looking terminal with a new color code.


Easier Sharing

Loki now has a centralized spot to contain all the sharing settings on your desktop. Sharing via Bluetooth should never be a hassle again.



Other Changes Include:

  • searchable system settings
  • simplified mouse and touchpad settings
  • new power settings for better support with external monitors
  • online accounts
  • Privacy mode: even music player won’t track what song you were playing last
  • option to set desktop settings back to how they were out of the box
  • more language and keyboard layout support
  • new screenshot app with more options such as hiding text
  • improved hardware support
  • default Midori web browser is replaced by Epiphany
  • Calendar now supports natural language for creating events
  • better support for high-resolution videos in the default Video player
  • file manager now has better keyboard navigation support and SMB share

Downloading Loki

You should download Loki and share your experience with us below in the comments section. If you just want to test it there is always the option of running it in a virtual machine.

Download Loki from elementary OS’s official website.

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