Since the arrival of Steam on Linux, gaming has never been the same. Seeing progressive results over time. The Linux gaming community is even more excited as more and more games are being natively developed for Linux – no more third-party applications like PlayOnLinux or Wine.There are presently over 1500 games for Linux available on Steam but you don’t need to go through the whole list because we are bringing you THE TOP 10 GAMES FOR LINUX IN 2016. Let’s head straight onto the list.


This game was developed by Dontnod Entertainment and had its initial release in January 2015. Life Is Strange had sold one million copies by the month of July of the same year!

This brilliant story progresses based on the choices you make and according to the character’s abilities to alter time. The entire series is a collection of 5 episodes with the final episode released on October 20, 2015.

The game was made available to Linux in July 2016 and the first episode is even free to play. What are you waiting for? Get Life is Strange™ on Steam.


This one was made with Unity and it begins with a mysterious perception on reality – time doesn’t move if you don’t.

You have at your disposal the ability to throw objects at enemies in addition to a variety of guns. There are different several levels of increasing difficulty as the game progresses and there is a challenge mode available for extra play time.

With the help of amazing fan support, SUPERHOT has been able to go through the Steam Greenlight process during a single weekend enabling its team growth and the remaking of the prototype into a full-length video game. Download SUPERHOT on Steam.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown, is the original version of this game and it was released in 2012. XCOM 2 was released in February this year as a sequel detailing how XCOM forces rise again to fight against the alien forces in control.

XCOM 2 was developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games. Game Informer Magazine named Firaxis the World’s #1 Developer of the Year by  in 2012, so you should be rest assured of the quality of the game.

The game itself was awarded a perfect 10/10 on Game Central and has a rating of 88% on Metacritic. It is 9/10 on Gamespot, 94% on PC Gamer and 9.3/10 on IGN. Grab XCOM 2 on Steam


This game entails a fight for survival on an abandoned Antarctic research base without any hope of rescue – the single goal is to find a way home.

Near Death is the second game developed and published by Orthogonal Games (the first is The Novelist) who has a thing for bringing experimental concepts to independent games.

Near Death comprises of unique player tools designed to fight a complete weather and temperature environment in the malignant and cruel terrain of Antarctica.

Kotaku was pretty much impressed with the game and it also received an award of 9/10 on OpNoobs, so there should be not much stopping you from getting Near Death on Steam


Policy Infinity is an early access first-person shooter now available to play on SteamOS/Linux ad it already has a ton of positive reviews.

The developers are known as 314 Arts. They are based in Germany and they are also the publishers. The game is backed by gamers via the Steam Greenlight process, just like is SUPERHOT.

Boiling Steam shared their early impressions 3 days after it became early access and it currently has an 80% of 51 user rating on Steam. Download Police Infinity here.


Survival of the fittest is also an early access multiplayer online survival arena game which was available on Steam since the month of March 2016. It involves a struggle for survival in a dinosaur and dragon-filled environment.

The game was originally a free-to-play standalone game but is now part of ARK: Survival Evolved; its parent game, which is currently also in early access phase having being released last year.

Although fans were unhappy when the game was made a paid one, Game Rant applauded the decision to be a be beneficial move since the full game is slated to launch this year’s ending.

ARK has under its belt, the Curse “Best In Show” award at PAX Prime 2015 and the “Best Early Access Game” at GameStars 2015. Grab ARK: Survival of the Fittest on Steam


This one is a hilarious free-to-play game with the aim of fighting against wolves!

Developer and publisher SnoutUp was founded in 2014 by Aurimas, who is a solo hobbyist game developer from Lithuania and he has games like Cave BlastBunny Goes Boom and  Ninja Shurican under his belt.

The game has a current rating of 98% positive on Steam out of 7,344 reviews!!! After checking out this review on Game Zebo you can go on to download Iron Snout on Steam.


Tadpole Treble is a musical adventure which is another crowdfunded game via Kickstarter and it was developed by BitFinity Games.

You play as a newborn tadpole with no legs, Baton, but immense determination. It begins with Baton taken far away from home after a pelican attacked her and now her only wish is to be reunited with her mom. The game was awarded 9/10 on Dark Zero after review and you can download Tadpole Treble on Steam


Would you like to bring out your inner detective? Play as Hank on a mission to investigate the cause of a mysterious theft of the Golden Sneeze from the museum of ancient history.

Orange Bison mentions that the game is very humorous at times in its detailed review. You can download Detective Hank and the Golden Sneeze on Steam.


The Tribe is a challenging running game which improves players’ cognitive skills since quick thinking while being in constant motion is what decision-making is based on.

It currently has a positive rating based on Steam based on 83 reviews, securing first place at North Games Jam 2015. You can look up a quick review at the Linux Game Consortium and sure, go ahead and download The Tribe on Steam

It is a good feeling to see that more and more awesome games are bing made available for the Linux platform. It hints us that Linux is gradually becoming what every gamer transitioning from Windows or Mac to Linux dreams of.

What do you think of our list? Did we mention any of your favs? Share your feedback with us below.

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